2011 Primitivo


California: Lodi: Woodbridge

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Mission Briefing


Rooted in the Boot

The category of wine known as Cal-Ital has always struggled to find its own benchmarks. You can’t make Barolo in California. It’s just not fair to compare the two. But one thing is certain: that fact never stopped Italian farmers from planting Italian grape varietals in CA pre-1900. Winemaker Jim “Giacomo” Moore is a dialed-in guy when it comes to finding these overlooked treasures in old vineyards - especially in Lodi.

Lodi, however, could easily be compared to Puglia. Older Primitivo vineyards like the one Moore sources for his Uvaggio yield gutsy, rustic, and entirely delicious flavors that are straight-up Pugliese. Generous red fruit taste with earth and alluring aromatics.

Stock up on this very limited bargain-priced California rosso that partners up with pizza and friends like Rocky and Adrienne.

Tasting Profile


Deep garnet.


Framboise, dusty earth, licorice, leather, cherry jam, sandalwood.


Juicy, floral red fruits and spicing akin to Zinfandel, but with a Pinot Noir-like balance. Very interesting. Super drinkable and crowd pleasing with rustic inflections that speak to old vines and the “Old Country.”


Delicious. Smoothly polished and balanced. It stops short of the high alcohol that Zinfandel regularly delivers which really gives this a bit more fun factor and utility at the table.


If ever there was a true CA pizza wine, Uvaggio Primitivo is a mighty contender!

What the Winery Says

Jim Moore
97% Primitivo
3% Barbera
Lodi AVA

About the Winery

Offer Expired:Apr 20, 2015 at 11:59 pm
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