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September, 2012

Sold OnWineryWineVarietal
September 29, 2012Petroni Vineyards2007 Petroni Vineyards SyrahSyrahView
September 28, 2012Hagafen Cellars2009 Don Ernesto's Napa Crescendo Red Table WineRed BlendView
September 27, 2012Fritz Underground Winery2009 Fritz Cabernet SauvignonCabernet SauvignonView
September 26, 2012Saddleback Cellars2009 Zinfandel - Napa ValleyZinfandelView
September 25, 2012Mario Bazan Cellars2011 Mario Bazán Sauvignon BlancSauvignon BlancView
September 24, 2012Grgich Hills Estate2008 Cabernet SauvignonCabernet SauvignonView
September 23, 2012Pierre Chainier Clos De Nouys Vouvray AOCChenin BlancView
September 22, 2012Ramspur Winery2009 Ramspur MontageRed BlendView
September 21, 2012Deerfield Ranch2009 Russian River Pinot NoirPinot NoirView
September 20, 2012J. Doran Vineyards2009 J Doran Vineyards ZinfandelZinfandelView
September 19, 2012Pierre Chainier2005 En Tiempo MalbecMalbecView
September 18, 2012Coleman Nicole2009 Morris Ranch Vineyard Pinot NoirPinot NoirView
September 17, 2012Dutch Bill Creek2008 Dutch Bill Creek ChardonnayChardonnayView
September 16, 2012Greo2008 Colline Lucchese Rosso D.O.C.Red BlendView
September 15, 2012Maroon Wines2008 "Proprietary" Cabernet SauvignonCabernet SauvignonView
September 14, 2012Maloy O'Neill Vineyards2010 Pinot NoirPinot NoirView
September 13, 2012Truett-Hurst Vineyards & Winery2011 Dearly Beloved - I Thee RedRed BlendView
September 12, 2012Westwood Winery2007 redFOUR Estate VineyardRed BlendView
September 11, 2012Canihan2008 Exuberance Pinot NoirPinot NoirView
September 10, 2012Ravenswood Winery2009 Dickerson ZinfandelZinfandelView
September 9, 2012Cantine Lunae Bosoni2010 LVNAE VermentinoVermentinoView
September 8, 2012David Noyes Wines2008 Russian River Pinot NoirPinot NoirView
September 7, 2012VC Cellars2006 Dry Creek Valley Petite SirahPetite SirahView
September 6, 2012Ardente Estate Winery2001 Atlas Peak Cabernet SauvignonCabernet SauvignonView
September 6, 2012Erba Mountainside Vineyards2004 Cabernet SauvignonCabernet SauvignonView
September 5, 2012Random Ridge2009 Old Wave Old Vine ZinfandelZinfandelView
September 4, 2012Schug Carneros Estate2009 Sonoma Coast Pinot NoirPinot NoirView
September 4, 2012Clos du Bois2007 Sonoma Reserve Pinot NoirPinot NoirView
September 3, 2012Swanson Vineyards2011 RosatoSangioveseView
September 2, 2012Antonelli San Marco2005 Sagrantino di MontefalcoSagrantinoView
September 1, 2012Ardente Estate Winery2001 Atlas Peak Cabernet SauvignonCabernet SauvignonView
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